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The importance of the type of metabolism and its impact on nutrition and our health

We must understand that we are not all the same, referring to the influence that the nervous system has on each of us, on our metabolism, taking into account the particular differences that we have compared to others and that the diet that we must follow individually should not be the same, according to the existing differences in our nervous system, since there are people who have an excited nervous system which means that they are a person who has a highly active behavior, on the other hand there are people with a passive system, this It means that they are much calmer.


The nervous system that leaves the brain, goes down the spine and carries different aspects, goes in different directions. When the excited nervous system predominates in a person, which has to do with action, fighting, running, it is directed at the muscles, legs, eyes and makes the mind think much faster, to be able to react properly, such as athletes, more dominant, dynamic. The opposite happens when the passive nervous system prevails, they are those people who have to do with passivity, lack of activity, these individuals tend to be obese, since the energy expenditure is practically zero, generally these people consume a lot of harmful carbohydrates and foods. processed, with a tendency to develop diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, kidney and liver damage, among others, which is why it is extremely important to know the type of diet consumed to avoid generating health problems.

When you check what your type of metabolism is, then you can define the type of food that should be supplied. The 2x1 diet, the 3x1 diet must be adjusted to the type of system to which we belong, since all diets cannot be the same.

We must evaluate what metabolism we belong to, in this way we can feed ourselves balanced.

Having a stable and strong immune system will allow you to be protected from any type of disease generated by viruses and bacteria. Likewise, our system will function correctly, which will allow us to maintain good health, therefore, to cope with any disease situation more favorably, in this way. be protected for the current pandemic situation, avoiding as much as possible consuming chemical medicine and even the vaccine, which could cause side effects.

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