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Nutissan se fundó sobre el principio de la curación holística a través de varios métodos, tanto tradicionales como modernos. Nuestra misión es aliviar la dolencia de forma natural mientras se brinda a los pacientes información sobre la importancia de mantener un estilo de vida saludable y equilibrado.  Nuestro proceso incluye un análisis integral del paciente para comprender sus patrones de salud únicos y sus necesidades específicas. Ya sea que tenga una condición crónica o una molestia temporal, de acuerdo a esto se creará un plan de tratamiento personalizado para cada persona.  ​  Contáctanos.
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Salud Natural

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Life day by day

Knowing how to nourish yourself is important to have a healthy life


After having a long period of fasting while we sleep, during which time we continue to need nutrients that are in the body's reserves, a breakfast provided with food that offers a good dose of nutrients is necessary to balance what is consumed during the night. So we are going to start our day with energy and vitality.

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After breakfast, lunch or dinner (as they call it in some places) has great importance in our diet. It provides the energy necessary to cope with the physical and mental load that we are going to sustain the rest of the day, as well as offering the most important nutrients to maintain good health.


While we rest, our digestive system continues to work, for this reason dinner is necessary to help the body functions correctly allowing us to have a pleasant and restorative rest.

It is important not to go to bed on an empty stomach, nor eat a heavy dinner, in both cases it would prevent you from resting properly.


Appetizers, snacks, snacks are also important in our nutrition.

They are eaten between main meals to provide a small dose of energy and keep the activity of the day at a good level while it is time for the main meal.

These must be healthy so as not to reach excess fats and carbohydrates that could affect our health.

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This space is to publish the testimonies and comments of our friends

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This space is to publish the testimonies and comments of our friends

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