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It was born from the need to share the knowledge acquired over the years and personal experience, learning that an important factor in maintaining good health is acquiring good eating habits and healthy practices of physical and mental activity.

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Fotografía de Aceite de Oliva

Teresa Vásquez

At 75, he still feels that there is much to do and transmit, because in his life experience he learned that as long as you have the energy and the desire to fulfill your dreams, you have to move on.

Born in the rural area of ​​a small town in the southwest of Colombia, she grew up with the tradition of the peasant, the knowledge of the health benefits of plants and nature in general, as well as through years of empirical study, readings and Research that he has carried out on his own, has managed to capitalize on a deep knowledge that he considers, as a mission, to be able to share it with whoever agrees to receive these experiences.

Nutissan began to develop in 2010 when two of their children were faced with quite complicated health situations (cancer and tuberculosis), coming to be considered practically evicted by doctors.

With the tenacity and perseverance that have always characterized her, she did not lose hope and based on the knowledge she had, plus all the research she carried out and all the confidence that she was going to get them out of their illness, she managed to save them from your situation.

The idea of ​​creating Nutissan was consolidated in 2016, after sharing these life experiences with many people, who in some way benefited from these teachings.

Today Nutissan has achieved a recognition that invites us to continue betting on work and service to continue growing.


After working at Telecom, from where she retired, she dedicated herself to sales, strengthening her knowledge in the commercial area.

As a result of what happened with her children, she began to explore everything related to natural and functional medicine, discovering all its benefits and for 10 years she dedicated herself fully to this work.


USANA Health Sciences recognizes you for your work with people, transmitting all the benefits of good cellular nutrition and the practice of good physical activity.


Mauricio Jiménez

With extensive experience in the chemical industry sector and extensive background in commercial matters, also having that spirit of service, together with his mother they undertook this project to offer people who require knowledge about the incidence of good nutrition in the health, in addition to how it affects the emotional state in the development of diseases and how to reverse them from a good management and balance of this.

Her knowledge in chemistry has allowed a good coupling between science and the knowledge of tradition that Teresa Vásquez has, this makes new research on the subject more reliable and supported.

Adding the knowledge and desire of both to make known all their knowledge acquired from experience, research and studies, they make Nutissan, an enterprise that will provide everyone with tools to help obtain and maintain a balance in the health and quality of life we ​​deserve, with the human warmth offered by a family business.


Chemistry. Igualada University School of Industrial Technical Engineering (EUETII) -
Igualada, Spain

Social comunication. UNAD - Colombia


Modern Transformational Leadership Trainings: BASIC, ADVANCED AND THE LEADERSHIP PROCESS - CC415. CREATE COLOMBIA 4. Bogotá DC

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