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Coconut is a tropical fruit obtained from the coconut tree (Cocos nucifera), the most cultivated palm in the world. It has a thick outer shell (exocarp) and a fibrous mesocarp and another hard, hairy and brown inner skin (endocarp) that has the pulp (endosperm) attached, which is white and aromatic. It measures 20 to 30 cm and weighs approximately 2.6 kg. (one)


One of the most important products obtained from this fruit is the oil, which offers important benefits such as:

-It is rich in omega-6 polyunsaturated acids

-75% of the saturated fat in coconut is lauric acid, which helps reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

-In addition, it provides 60% of magnesium of the recommended daily amount.


In short, it is good for our heart, to eat a healthy diet and to keep us well hydrated.


It can also be used as a cosmetic, very beneficial to repair the skin or hair, giving us luminosity and shine. For people with great physical activity, it provides iron and potassium, which benefits when working the muscles and has a great effect of satiety, which makes you not eat excessively, due to its high caloric content.


A very important aspect in which coconut oil benefits is in the prevention and improvement of Alzheimer's symptoms and people with cognitive problems, due to its fatty acids that generate ketone bodies that pass into the blood providing great energy to the brain, which allows patients with moderate Alzheimer's to lessen their symptoms.


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Coconut oil

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